History of the Nickerson Mansion: 1888

The Chicago Herald

Above: Images from The Chicago Herald, “They Danced in Masks: The Nickerson Fancy Dress Ball,” December, 1888.

The Nickersons Host a Masquerade

Chicago Daily Tribune, December 12, 1888, page 3

Fashion Dons A Mask

Mrs. R. C. Nickerson Gives A Fancy Dress Ball. Society Hides Its Identity Beneath Attractive Costumes and Enjoys One of the Most Brilliant Entertainments of the Season
The bal masque given last evening by Mr. and Mrs. Roland C. Nickerson, No. 317 Erie street, was one of the most perfect and delightful affairs of the kind ever given in this city…. In the conservatory that opens from the dining-hall numerous bright lanterns were hung, transforming it into a scene of fairy-like beauty. There was no formal reception of guests, although Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Nickerson, in evening dress, mingled with the arriving groups. About 250 guests were present. At half-past 11 Mr. and Mrs. Roland Nickerson unmasked in the art gallery, when the guests to marching music advanced in a procession, removing their masks as they stepped forward to meet the host and hostess. That was a merry time, followed by the opening of the supper-room, gay laughter, and a general interchange of badinage. Mr. and Mrs. Nickerson represented Harlequin and Harlequine, wearing all the usual gay colors in their elegant costumes. Those were selected in Paris and were greatly admired for their tasteful expression of the characters.