History of the Nickerson Mansion: 1910

The Nickerson Mansion at Cass [Wabash] and Erie, c. 1910.

Above: The Nickerson Mansion at Cass [Wabash] and Erie, c. 1910.

The Dixon Family

Chicago Daily Tribune, March 26, 1918

Billy Sunday a Favorite with Society People

Next Thursday morning at half after 10 o’clock Mrs. Homer Dixon’s house, 40 East Erie street, will be opened for a Sunday meeting. Built by the late Samuel Nickerson years ago, this was the most magnificent house of its kind in Chicago, and perhaps still is. Very vast, with marble halls and grand stairway, and ballroom, and picture gallery, and series of drawing rooms, it should have been the residence of an English duke.

But Mr. and Mrs. Nickerson were ultra-domestic and so were the Lucius Fishers, who bought it. Mrs. Dixon is Mrs. Fisher’s youngest daughter and in settling his large estate this splendid house will soon be on the market. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dixon have a family of four charming little daughters and one little son, and they meditate moving farther north will all the other young marrieds.