Dear Chicago

November 26, 2011This city—with all its liveliness and contradictions—has had its share of literary immortalization. Carl Sandburg did it perhaps most famously with his poem “Chicago.” Read Article


Decking the (Marble) Halls

November 20, 2011If you happened to stroll by the Museum during the Halloween season, you may have noticed the gigantic witch. She sat astride a broom just a few feet away from the main entrance—red eyes glowing, cape flapping, dwarfing the landscaping and pretty much anything else near the corner of Wabash and Erie. Read Article


[You Asked] What is McCormickville?

November 16, 2011You Asked… Why was this neighborhood called McCormickville (and why didn’t the Nickersons live down on Prairie Avenue with the rest of the wealthy)?Read Article

side chair

[From the Collection] Tiffany Studios Chair, ca. 1881-83

November 10, 2011In the middle of a tour recently, on the sixth or seventh mention of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s work, a woman turned and exclaimed—as if to have it out and finished with—“Is everything here a Tiffany?”Read Article