Celebrating Chicago’s Architecture: Walking Tours with the CAF

July 23, 2012The Chicago Architecture Foundation celebrates Chicago architecture with such a wide reach that we couldn’t resist giving our members the chance to enjoy what the nonprofit has to offer. So all of our members get a Buy One, Get One Free Walking Tour benefit to use with CAF. Read Article


It Was Colonel Mustard With the Candlestick…

July 16, 2012There is this great line in the book Great Houses of Chicago, 1871-1921, which I lugged from the shelf in search of insights on the popularity of conservatories during the Gilded Age. It begins, “The Victorians were notorious for collecting…”—and that’s a perfect enough start.Read Article

stained glass

“Stained Glass Mavericks” by Rolf Achilles

July 12, 2012“Today, the most famous name in American stained glass is Louis Comfort Tiffany. It was not always so. At the end of the nineteenth century, many other American stained glass studios, artists and craftsmen—several of them based in Chicago—had developed a revolutionary approach to stained glass: no paint.”Read Article


[Featured Designer] John Gardner Low

July 09, 2012John Gardner Low was a ceramics artist of about 41 when he approached the crowded exhibitions in Philadelphia at the 1876 Centennial Exposition. He was a Massachusetts man and had traveled far, like the millions of others, to see the first U.S. world’s fair.Read Article