Ghoulies, Ghosties & Long-Legged Beasties: Horror Fiction of the Victorian Era

October 29, 2012One might be surprised to discover a giant black spider attacking a Gilded Age fine and decorative arts museum. But yes, at the corner of Erie and Wabash, a colossal arachnid is navigating the exterior of the historic Nickerson Mansion.Read Article


[Q&A] with Anna Tobin D’Ambrosio of the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Institute

October 25, 2012Last week the Driehaus Museum welcomed Anna Tobin D’Ambrosio, director and chief curator at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Institute in Utica, New York, and the final lecturer of the 2012 Nickerson Lecture Series season.Read Article

the fair

119 Years since 1893: A Visit to Jackson Park

October 22, 2012Next week 119 years ago, with a crisp chill entering the air, the closing ceremonies concluded, the crowds began piling into Pullman cars to head back to their own parts of America, and the World Columbian Exposition’s dismantling began.Read Article


After the Fire, Quarries Dynamited

October 15, 2012The woman The Wire called a “bassoon colossus” treated us and our visitors here on Saturday to live performances of a work inspired by the Driehaus Museum’s unique architecture and history. Read Article

Chicago fire

Out at Last: The Great Chicago Fire of 1871

October 10, 2012On the morning of October 10, 1871, the flames had finally stopped. What was left was, well, hardly anything. About a four-mile swath had been cleared in two days, everything was in ruins, and the conflagration would go down in history books as an infamous disaster for this new, bustling city: the Great Chicago Fire.Read Article


[You Asked] Didn’t This Building Used to be Black?

October 04, 2012You Asked… Didn’t the Nickerson Mansion used to be black? And how did conservationists manage to clean the exterior?Read Article