Decking the (Marble) Halls

November 20, 2011

If you happened to stroll by the Museum during the Halloween season, you may have noticed the gigantic witch. She sat astride a broom just a few feet away from the main entrance—red eyes glowing, cape flapping, dwarfing the landscaping and pretty much anything else near the corner of Wabash and Erie. Dogs barked; kids sprinted into the Museum looking for more spooky creatures (imagine one 11-year-old’s disappointment when she realized we were a museum, not a haunted house: “Mom, there’s nothing else in here!&rdquo😉.

Let’s just say we like to get into the holiday spirit around here.

With Christmas coming up, our zest for festive décor has only increased. Last Monday, behind closed doors, the Museum had its interiors adorned with glittering poinsettias and wreath arrangements. (Not to mention three trees. And a rocking horse.)

Treasure Hut from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, decked the halls for us. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the decorating process.

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