History of the Nickerson Mansion: 1883

The Nickerson Mansion, c. 1883.

Above: The Nickerson Mansion, c. 1883

Construction of the Nickerson Mansion is Complete

An 1883 publication entitled Artistic Houses: being a series of interior views of a number of the most beautiful and celebrated homes in the United States: with a description of the art treasures contained therein, featured many of the most architecturally significant houses of the period, including the Nickerson residence. The author noted, “The exterior appearance of Mr. S.M. Nickerson’s house, on the corner of Cass and Erie Streets, Chicago, is certain to attract attention. Its spacious court-yard, large stable, massive carriage-porch, projecting conservatory, tomb-like art gallery, and the vast proportions of the house itself-built apparently to stand for all time-command admiration.” (Vol. 2, 49).